PRESS RELEASE:  March, 19, 2003
PEACE ON EARTH BEGINS AT HOME                                         Contact: Robyn Bentley

Richmond, Va:  We naturally encounter stress every day and we bring it home. When the body is stressed we get angry and fearful. Our environment also affects our emotions and behavior. When the energy at home is good it supports us, when it is negative it works against us. Here is how you can lighten up your home and your body to create a sanctuary of peace in a not-too-friendly world.

It is physiologically impossible to get angry when your muscles are relaxed. Anger cannot exist without muscle tension and neither can fear. Get in the habit of relaxing your body without tensing one single muscle. Free yourself of anger and fear to be at peace.

Everything in your home, each and every one of your possessions has memory, association or meaning attached to it. Each item symbolizes something to you personally. When you look at something negative, it lowers your energy. When you look at something positive, it raises your energy. Take a look around your home. If something has a negative association like an item from a relationship that ended, something that is broken, or something the family fights about, it will create unnecessary negative energy in the home. The more negatives you have around the house, the more negative the energy in the house. Getting rid of all the negatives and surrounding yourself with positives raises the energy in the house, keeps your energy positive, and supports peace.

Whatever you give your attention, you give your energy. That's how we make mountains out of molehills. We have the ability to make some big, ugly mountains or we can make some big glorious mountains. When we are surrounded by positives, it's easier to make the glorious mountains. There are many places around the home where we can place an inspirational picture, symbol, or words. Early in the morning when you are looking in the bathroom mirror brushing your teeth and fixing your hair, what could be there inspiring you? When you are on your way out the door heading to a job that some days you like and some days you don't, what could be on the wall by the door to give you inspiration to start your day? It can be a picture, a symbol, or words in a frame. It doesn't take much. It doesn't need to be fancy. It just needs to be something you really connect with.

We're all connected by this energy that we're made of. Where our attention goes, energy flows. What are you going to give your energy to today? Negative or positive? War or peace?

Robyn Bentley is a gifted holistic practitioner, author and teacher dedicated to the study of vibrational arts and sciences for the purpose of helping others achieve good health and a better life. She can be reached through her web site

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