PRESS RELEASE:  December 15, 2004
BLUE CHRISTMAS? Your TV and Computer May Be The Cause
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Richmond, Va.: Are you depressed? Emotional? Angry? Having problems sleeping? Your TV and computer might be cause. Melatonin is a hormone in your body that regulates your sleep, mood and inhibits the growth of tumors, including cancer. EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) are emitted by electrical devices. When you spend time with a high source of EMFs, it will lower your body's production of melatonin. This can cause sleep disorders, anger, and depression. And tumors can grow larger than they would with normal melatonin levels.

Try to have as little exposure to EMFs as possible. When an appliance is plugged into an electrical outlet, EMFs are produced. More are produced when you are using the appliance. Unplug what you are not using. The old CRT type computer monitors give off high levels of EMF (from the front and back) so upgrade to a lower EMF flat screen LCD monitor if you can. Reduce the time you spend on the computer and turn off the computer monitor when you are not using it. If your bed shares a wall with a computer, make sure you turn it off at bedtime. Never sleep with an electric blanket or waterbed heater. Don't sleep with your head near an electrical outlet in use. Don't watch the microwave while it's heating. Stay 5-10 feet away. Make sure seating is an adult arm span away from the TV screen.

Modern conveniences make life easier but can also put a lot of stress on our bodies. Being aware of the sources of this kind of invisible harsh energy and keeping a safe distance can help you stay healthier and happier this holiday season and all year long.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating a Haven: Simple Steps For a Healthy and Nurturing Home.  She can be reached through her web site

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