PRESS RELEASE: January 2, 2005
Your Home Could Be Making You Sick in 2005
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Richmond, Va.:  If you sleep in a bedroom or use an entry door in the northwest or east part of your home, you could experience more illness in 2005. According to the principles of Flying Star feng shui, there are annual energies or “stars” that move each year and settle into different compass directions. There are nine different stars and two of them cause illness.  You activate their energy by using an entry door or spending time where they are located.
The 5 Yellow star has the most negative affect of all the stars. It flies from its 2004 location in the center of buildings and brings illness and bad luck to the northwest section of buildings from February 4th 2005 to February 4th 2006. This is an earth energy landing in a metal feng shui compass direction. Since the element metal drains the element earth, the 5 star will lose some of its strength. The 5 Yellow can be drained by adding a metal wind chime with 6 hollow rods and a salt water cure* to the northwest section of the home.
The 2 Black star flies from its 2004 location in the southwest into the east section of buildings and brings illness. This is an earth energy landing in a wood feng shui compass direction. Since the element wood controls the element earth, the 2 star will not be as potent. It can also be remedied by using a salt water cure* and healthy green plants in the east section of the home.  These solutions can also be used in offices.
*Recipe For A Salt Water Cure
Use a 12-16 ounce mason jar or water vessel.
Fill half with sea salt, half with water.
Add 6 pennies and one dime.
Cover with foil and punch holes in the foil to vent.
At the end of the year, dispose of the cure in your outside trash.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home. She can be reached through her web site


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