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Richmond, VA -- Clutter happens. And it happens to everyone. We're constantly bringing more things into our home that can become clutter.  According to Robyn Bentley, author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home, there is more to clutter than the eye can see and you may be surprised about how it is actually affecting you. Clutter causes the natural flow of energy around the home to slow down and get stuck, which can create problems in your life. Stuck energy from clutter can cause you to feel like you are in limbo or stuck.  Clutter can also cause depression, lack of motivation, procrastination, confusion, and distraction.  The more clutter you have, the more stuck energy you have which tends to keep you from tackling the problem. Since clutter can make you procrastinate, most people put it off and put it off. Here are some quick tips to help clutter queens get started.

Be serious about getting rid of clutter. Set a day to start. Remember, clutter can make you procrastinate so it takes effort to just get started. Be reasonable with yourself about just how much you can accomplish. Give yourself a set amount of time to accomplish it.

A big room might be too overwhelming so start with something small, like a drawer.  Take it easy and do one thing, finish it, and then do another small thing.

Divide the big project of clearing clutter into smaller, more manageable clutter projects.
Make a TO DO list and check off each thing you finish.
Have separate bags or boxes for (1) garbage, (2) charity donations, (3) gifts you’ll give
to others, and (4) borrowed items.
You can also support your favorite cause by selling your charity items through MissionFish on eBay ( and the proceeds go to the nonprofit of your choice.

Be sure to reward yourself with something when you finish. 

Spring arrives Sunday, March 20th so make a date to clear the clutter in your home and get the energy flowing again. Your home will feel more positive and so will you.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home.  She has many free feng shui tips for your home and office at

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