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A New Twist on Back To School:
Using Feng Shui To Help Kids Make Better Grades

(Richmond, VA:) We know what to expect if we give our kids a lot of sugar or caffeine.  They will bounce of the walls. If the temperature in the house is 90 or 100 degrees, tempers will easily flare.  These are normal responses to negative stimulation that most parents know about.  But what most parents don’t know is that there is negative stimulation in the home that affects their child‘s behavior and even their grades.  Robyn Bentley, a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home has three tips to make your child’s room more positive for academic success.

1- Point Your Child’s Bed In A Positive Sleeping Direction.
The bed is the place where your child spends the greatest amount of time in one spot and the sleeping direction has a big impact on them. Sleeping your child with the crown of their head pointed towards their WISDOM direction will help them perform better in school. Find your child’s best sleeping directions at in the “Feng Shui for Kids” section.

2- De-clutter To Keep The Energy From Getting Stuck.
Energy naturally flows through rooms but when it encounters clutter it gets “stuck”. Stuck energy can cause procrastination, lack of motivation, and even depression. Clutter will make it harder for your child to reach their goals and it is also distracting which makes it difficult for students to focus on their studies.

3- Limit Your Child’s Exposure To EMFs
EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are harsh energies emitted by electronic devices. They decrease the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone which helps prevent sleep problems, moodiness, anger and depression. Arrange furniture so that your child’s body is 3 to 5 feet away from TVs, computers, and other electronic appliances.

There are no bad children, only bad behavior. And our environment affects our behavior. Feng Shui is the 4,000 year-old Chinese practice of arranging our living space to be in harmony with the earth's energy or "chi" so that our life is in balance. Use these simple techniques to create more balance in your home and send your child back to school this year “feng shui’d” for better grades.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home. She offers many free feng shui tips for the home and office on her web site

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