PRESS RELEASE:  August 23, 2006
Contact:  Robyn Bentley


Richmond, Va:  It's an age old problem with an ancient solution: how to encourage kids to do better in school. The answer is feng shui and it's as simple as moving your child's bed.  Does it really work?   Feng shui consultant and author Robyn Bentley suggests the proof may lie in national SAT scores.  The College Board reports that in 2005 Asian American students not only had the highest mean SAT scores but also that Asian American seniors that year had the highest mean GPAs among all students

The ancient Asian practice of feng shui involves arranging our living space to be in harmony with the earth's energy or "chi" so we are in balance with the forces of nature. According to the feng shui Eight Mansions Formula, each person has four positive compass directions and four negative compass directions determined by their year of birth and gender. The goal is to align the bed so that the top or crown of the head is pointed towards one of our positive compass directions.  Each of these four positive directions has a different kind of beneficial result associated with it: Wisdom, Marriage & Family Harmony, Health, and Wealth. Pointing your child’s bed toward their “wisdom” direction is said to help them get better grades and improve their attitude about school. They still have to do the work but it will be easier for them to achieve their goals.

Adjusting the bed for the best sleeping direction is an easy feng shui application that any parent can do. You can find your child's best compass directions at in the "Feng Shui For Kids" section. The information is free so why not give it a try and send them back to school "feng shui'ed" for better grades.

Robyn Bentley is a feng shui consultant and author of Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home. She can be reached through her web site


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