PRESS RELEASE:  July 23, 2010
Contact:  Robyn Bentley

Feng Shui Minute(TM) - Learn About Feng Shui with Sixty Second MP3 Podcasts

(Richmond, VA) July 23, 2010 -- Want to learn about feng shui but short on time? Feng Shui Diva, LLC has produced a series of Feng Shui Minutes™ to introduce you to this ancient Chinese practice without taking up too much of your time. How does feng shui affect your health? Finances? Relationships? Minute by minute, you’ll learn the best way to point your bed, the best color to paint your house, how water fountains are placed for prosperity, why your bedroom should be pitch dark, which kinds of homes give owners money problems, what causes infertility, how to build a home with good feng shui, and more.

With over sixty minutes to choose from, you’ll quickly find solutions for bad feng shui and learn things you never knew could affect your life. Learn at your own pace. Listen to a few and come back later for more. These MP3 podcasts are copyright protected and free to listen to or use with permission. You'll find them online at

Robyn Bentley is the creative force behind Feng Shui Diva. She is a consultant and author of “Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home”. Robyn's feng shui has been featured nationally and internationally in the Wall Street Journal, First For Women, Canadian Living, and Nirvana Woman. She is a frequent guest expert on radio stations around the world giving out tips as Feng Shui Diva and has also appeared on television. Robyn offers feng shui consultations for homes and businesses both on site and long distance and can be reached through her web site


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