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Find a Job Faster with Feng Shui !

Unemployed and looking for a job?  Employed and looking for a better job?  Pointing your bed the right way, placing fountains for prosperity, and using the law of attraction can help give you an edge and reduce the obstacles on your career path to your new job. 

Point Your Bed in Your Money/Career Direction
Everyone has four positive sleeping directions and four negative directions based on your birth year and gender.  Check this chart for your best directions.  If you’re sleeping in one of your four negative directions, you’ll be very familiar with the words “struggle”, “obstacle”, “stuck”, and “insomnia”. Your positive sleeping directions can help you in the areas of money & career, marriage & family harmony, good health, and wisdom. It's important to use a compass to make sure you've got the right direction.  Stand at the foot of your bed and point the compass toward your pillow. The direction your compass is reading is the direction you are sleeping.   Get a compass

Using Water Fountains For Prosperity
Every building has both positive and negative energies. These energies form in patterns when a building is constructed. Classical feng shui calls the energies that make up the energy patterns “flying stars”.  In every building there are nine different energy patterns.  One in each of the eight compass sections and the center.  Moving water is an “activator” and activates the flying star energy pattern in the compass section you place it. If the energy pattern is positive, then the fountain will enhance that positive energy. Some positive energies can help with prosperity which can benefit your job hunt. If the energy pattern is negative, placing a fountain there will make it worse for you. Sleeping or spending a lot of time in a negative energy can hinder your progress. Creating a Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home has the flying star feng shui energy patterns with suggested cures and enhancements for all homes built between 1924 and 2024.

Use The Law of Attraction
The law of attraction is simply this:  "you get what you vibrate".  You've been using it all your life without knowing it.  Your thoughts are a form of energy and when you think negative thoughts ...  you get what you vibrate.   Are you vibrating things like:   I hate this job.  I hate my boss. I'll never get ahead. There are no jobs?   It's not always easy to keep your thoughts positive when you are in a negative situation or you have feelings of hopelessness.  Michael Losier's book The Law of Attraction is a quick read and great  guide to using the law of attraction in a positive way to benefit your career, instead of derailing it.  You're using the law of attraction every day - so use it to your advantage to stay on the right track to your new job.

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