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Go Green For Better Grades!

A greener, more natural home environment can mean better sleep, better mood and less brain fog to help your kids get better grades. Here are two important things to do:

Get More "Dark" At Bedtime
Melatonin is a hormone your body produces that regulates sleep and mood.  Melatonin is produced at night in the dark.  Light makes your body think it’s daytime.  So don’t sleep with the lights on, or the TV or a night light.  Keep the bedroom dark for sleeping so your body can produce the natural melatonin you need for better sleep and mood.

light tv night light

Get Less EMF Exposure All The Time
EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are electric and magnetic fields that surround electric devices like computers, TVs and power strips.  Too much exposure to EMFs can give you “brain fog” and make it hard to concentrate on studies and tests.  EMFs also reduce melatonin levels.  You can reduce your exposure to EMFs by keeping your body at least one foot away from your computer tower, transformer plugs, and power strips

power strip transformer plug computer tower

A greener, more natural home environment with no light at bedtime and no EMF exposure
can mean fewer sleep problems, less moodiness, and less brain fog to help your kids get better grades!

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