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The Basics of Feng Shui Prosperity Fountains

The majority of do-it-yourselfers try feng shui to improve two main areas of their lives - love and money luck.  There are a few different kinds of feng shui and although they all use fountains for prosperity, they don’t place them in the same way.  The important thing to know before you place a fountain is that moving water is an “activator” and you need to be careful where you put it because you're going to be activating an unseen energy. It might be positive or it might be negative.

The least accurate and most reckless kind of feng shui is Western feng shui. It places fountains without the use of a compass.  Compass School uses a compass to place fountains in the southeast for money luck. But this is not safe for at least half of homes. That’s because about half of homes have negative unseen energies in the southeast (see TV program below).  These unseen energies are called “flying stars”.  Flying star feng shui uses the compass degree a building faces and the year of construction to determine the flying star energy patterns that formed in the eight compass sections and center of the building when it was constructed.  There are also annual positive and negative energies which change every February.

Moving water activates the flying star energy pattern (and the annual energy) in the compass section where it is placed.  If the energy pattern is positive, then the fountain will activate or enhance that positive energy.  If the energy pattern is negative, the fountain will activate or enhance the negative energy. Negative energies should be neutralized or cured, not enhanced. 

So if a do-it-yourselfer who is having money problems tries to fix it with a feng shui prosperity fountain, they can actually make things worse by unknowingly placing it where there are negative energies. Creating A Haven: Simple Steps for a Healthy and Nurturing Home has the flying star energy patterns for every building constructed between 1924 and 2024 so you can easily find out how the energy patterns are affecting you in your home or office. 

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