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How Your Old Relationship Baggage Affects You 

They were sitting at the dining room table when he told her that he had fallen in love with another woman and wanted a divorce.  It shattered her world.  She never had a clue.  They divorced and divided their property.  One of her favorite things she got to keep was the dining room table.  Years go by and she says to this day, she'll be having a dinner party in her home and not twenty minutes into the meal, she gets physically sick.  She knows it's the table that is making her sick but she doesn't want to get rid of it because “its an expensive table”.   It certainly is.  Just look at what it's costing her.

If there is something in your home from a past relationship that bothers you, eventually it will compromise your health.  Especially if the relationship was very negative or it ended in a negative way such as hers did.  Our mental health affects our physical health so it's a good idea to take a good look at all of your stuff and see if there is anything that brings up negative memories or emotions.  What about the “bling-bling” from an old relationship?   Expensive jewelry rarely has a high resale value so women don't tend to sell it when their relationship is over.  It just sits in the jewelry box, bothering them. Even if you have it reset to look different, you know it's associated with an old relationship. 

The best thing to do when you end a relationship is to clean the slate as much as possible.  Get rid of all the things that you associate with that relationship.  You can sell the items in a yard sale, on the internet, or donate them to a charity to help people.  If you have been disappointed by several relationships that did not work out, you may have doubt about ever finding a compatible mate.   It is much easier to keep a positive attitude about the possibility of a new lasting relationship if you don't have old relationship baggage in your home consciously or subconsciously reminding you "my relationships don't last".   Also, getting rid of old relationship baggage will help you psychologically make room for a new love. 

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