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First For Women magazine
If your kids are irritable, whiney or pooped, check out the article “Cure the post-Christmas Crash” with three smart fixes to take them from ho-ho hum to happy.


Nirvana Woman magazine
Celebrity Couples And Their Feng Shui Bedroom Compatibility.   (read article)

Richmond Home Style magazine

Chicago Suburban News
Moving in together can mean melding years worth of belongings

Home Style magazine

Hampton Roads Daily Press

Applying Feng Shui Commercial, Residential Professionals    Discover Value of Ancient Chinese Practice Extolling Life in    Harmony with an Environment's 

 ......"For the past several years, awareness about feng shui
 (pronounced "FUNG schway") has grown in the real estate industry, especially in California, New York and Washington. Now, it's slowly working its way to Richmond....Although feng shui can be extremely complex, experts emphasized that it's also about being comfortable. "We put things up we feel good about," said Robyn Bentley, a Richmond feng shui consultant who was recently hired to feng shui the offices of "Iyanla," a national television talk show. "We send energy to the things we have around us, and in doing so, we put energy into our goals." 
Bentley added that feng shui does not mean decorating a home with Asian artifacts or symbols. "Symbols are powerful because we give them power by believing in them," she said. "Pick a goal, then pick something that    symbolizes it for you and send energy to it." 
Like homes, businesses that practice feng shui aren't easy to spot.  About three years ago, advertising agency Creasy Woolfolk Concepts hired Bentley to feng shui its office space. "When your livelihood depends on being creative, you're willing to look at anything to keep that creative energy flowing," said Cindy Creasy, president of Creasy Woolfolk Concepts. "We had nothing to lose except rearranging stuff, and everything to gain if it worked."  So Creasy tried it. She placed college awards in her fame and recognition section, and three weeks later, she won a national      award. She's won seven since.  "Is it feng shui? I don't know. Is it my creativity? I don't know," she said. "But you know what? I think I'm going to leave everything where it is."  Creasy added that the agency's office looks like any other office. "You wouldn't notice anything different," she said. "All it comes down to is rearranging." 
For businesses, experts agree that feng shui improves morale among employees by allowing them to work in a positive, comfortable environment.  Other business groups have discovered how feng shui can help give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  This past spring, the Greater Richmond Partnership Inc. hired Bentley to conduct feng shui analyses on three locations in order to appeal to an Asian company looking to build a manufacturing plant.  The feng shui report was no different from a regular traffic study or soil analysis, said Gregory Wingfield, president and chief executive of the partnership. The Asian company, he said, was pleased that the partnership took the initiative to hire a feng shui consultant. "Different clients have different needs," he said, adding that the partnership would continue to offer feng shui analysis to its clients.
With the growing awareness about feng shui in private and business sectors, even real estate professionals who don't have an opinion about the practice say that it's important to at least be aware of it.  Richmond Times Dispatch 11/04/2001 Page L-1,2 

 Where Cupid fears to tread
A variety of Valentine's Day news from the heart beat


Fact, fancy, fantasy, fun. A veritable potpourri of Valentine's Day "news"   has shown up on our doorstep. Some is funny, some is useful and some is just bizarre....  (edit) No twin beds? Ozzie and Harriet would be shocked. Richmond's own Feng Shui Diva, Robyn Bentley, offers tips for love and romance. Feng shui involves arranging a space to best work in harmony with the energy that surrounds us. So that space, in this case, would be the bedroom. According to Bentley, the Top 5 bedroom no-nos are water fountains, family photos, televisions and computers, exercise equipment and mirrors. (That's bad news for the Poconos!) The Top 5 bedroom yeah-yeahs are happy photos of the couple, symbols of love and pairs of things, a bed for two with two bedside tables and lamps, soft romantic lighting and scents. (edit) 

DISTINCTIONS : Feng Shui Expert Robyn Bentley was hired by ABC Family Television to help balance the Virginia Beach home of one of eight families competing in "My Life Is A Sitcom".


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