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Good Luck/Bad Luck Gift Superstitions

There's lots of gift giving going on all over the world during the holidays.  Different cultures have different taboos about gifts.  Gifts are symbols and carry energy from the giver to the receiver, affecting both. Here are some feng shui superstitions about gift giving.


SHARP OBJECTS like swords, knives, scissors, or letter openers. These send harsh energy to the receiver and are said to sever the friendship.  If you receive one, the remedy for the bad luck from this type of gift is to immediately give the giver a coin to symbolize that you "bought" the gift from them. If not, according to superstition, your relationship may end or you may stop talking to each other.

WATCHES AND CLOCKS are popular gifts in America but in eastern culture they suggest a limited life span.  They symbolize time runing out. When you give them, you remind the recipient they have less time to live.

EMPTY WALLETS AND PURSES.  Always include a small amount of money.  If you receive one as a gift, you can remedy any bad luck you might experience by immediately adding some money and giving it away to someone else.

HANDKERCHIEFS.  Symbolically these are for wiping away tears and sweat. They suggest that you expect the recipient to be doing a lot of crying in the future or wiping away sweat from frustration.

LONG STEMMED RED ROSES WITH THORNS are a no-no because they are said to cause the relationship to suffer. Yellow, cream or pink roses with no thorns would be a better choice.

SWEETS ARE A GREAT GIFT.  Chocolates, wines and fruits are a good luck gift.  They represent that you wish the person to have a sweet life, so they symbolize good fortune.  Since getting something sweet as a gift is said to bring good fortune, you should never re-gift or throw away that luck - but it is okay to share a little.

NEVER RE-GIFT OR RECYCLE GIFTS.   Unless you are doing it to remedy bad luck from a gift you receive. Otherwise, when you recycle a gift, it symbolizes that you are giving away your friendship with the person who gave you the gift.  And it's tacky.

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