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Bad feng shui in your bedroom can sabotage your love life. The adult bedroom is for Rest, Relaxation and Romance.  If it doesn't have anything to do with resting, relaxing or being romantic, it shouldn't be in your bedroom. Do you have any of these things in your bedroom?


Televisions, Computers or Exercise Equipment
Couples who have TVs in their bedroom make love a lot less often. In fact, a 2005 study found that couples who have a TV set in their bedroom make love half as often as those who don't. If there's no TV in the bedroom, the frequency of lovemaking doubles. Computers are also competition for attention from your partner. And exercise equiment is not romantic.

Water Fountains
Moving water in a bedroom creates "yang" or active energy and the bedroom should be "yin" or quiet for relaxing.

Family Photos
Only photos of the couple should be in their love nest. Your children, family and friends don't belong in your bedroom. Put their photos in the family room and keep your attention on your partner in your bedroom.


Happy Photos of the Couple
Most relationships have good times and bad times. Happy photos from the good times are positive reminders of why you are a couple.

A Bed for "TWO" with Two Bedside Tables and Lamps
Set up your bedroom to be comfortable for two people, even if you're single.

Sleep in Your "Love Luck" Direction

Everyone has four positive sleeping directions and four negative directions, based on the year you're born and your gender. One direction is for love luck, one is for money luck, one is for good health, and the last is for wisdom. Sleeping in your love luck direction can help your relationship - or help draw in a relationship if you're single.

(Click Here To Find Your Four Postive Directions )

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