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Tips For Painting The Exterior of Your Home

What's the best color to paint the outside of your home? That depends on the compass direction at the back of the house. There are eight feng shui house types. The house type is determined by the "sitting" compass direction. The sitting direction is the direction at the rear of the house.  The exterior color of a home should match the house type. If a house faces north, the sitting direction would be south.  Compass directions are associated with one of the five elements of feng shui: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
Painting the home the same color as the element of the sitting direction supports the home.  Using a color that produces the element of the sitting direction is also supportive. For example, if the home sits south, fire is the element associated with south and red is the color of the element fire. What do you put on a fire when you want more fire? You add wood. Wood produces fire and green is the color of the element wood.  So the best supportive colors for the exterior of a south sitting home are reds or greens.  That doesn't mean you have to use fire engine red. There are many shades of these colors to choose from. Below are some sample shades for house types.

House Types and Colors

 Sitting south/facing north use reds or greens (fire or wood)

 Sitting southeast/facing northwest use greens or blues (wood or water)

 Sitting east/facing west use greens and blues (wood or water)

 Sitting northeast/facing southwest use earth tones or reds (earth or fire)

 Sitting north/facing south use blues, white or grays (water or metal)

 Sitting northwest/facing southeast use white, grays or earth tones  (metal or earth)

 Sitting west/facing east use white, grays or earth tones  (metal or earth)

 Sitting southwest/facing northeast use earth tones or reds  (earth or fire)

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