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Business Services Include:  feng shui review of existing buildings, review of a building you are buying or considering buying, review of new office plans, review of new renovation or addition plans, choosing land for a new business, and group presentations.

Workplace stress is estimated to cost American companies $300 billion a year in poor performance, absenteeism and health costs.  Applying the principles of feng shui to the office creates a more productive and focused workspace that helps reduce stress and anxiety to improve morale and productivity.  Although feng shui originated in China, my solutions to problems in the office fit the decor of all American businesses.  In fact, your decor will not be affected at all.

For your feng shui analysis, I use your building's year of construction and the compass degree it faces to determine the energy patterns that formed when your office was built.  Every building has both positive and negative energy patterns. Some examples of their negative influences are illness, pain, miscarriage, depression, anxiety, fire, theft, financial problems, arguments, relationship problems, and divorce. Positive influences could be prosperity, good health, fertility, success, fame, and happiness.  These energy patterns are called the “flying star natal chart” in classical feng shui.  In every building there are nine different energy patterns.  One in each of the eight compass sections and the center.  Where you have a negative energy pattern, the negativity can be reduced or “cured” by adding the necessary feng shui element. That would be either water, wood, fire, earth, or metal depending on the energy pattern.  The five elements are represented by colors and I also give you color suggestions where needed.  You won’t need to buy expensive cures. I don’t sell cures and authentic feng shui does not use “lucky” trinkets or statues so you don‘t have to worry about your office looking like a tacky Chinese restaurant. 

I also check to see if your furniture placement or clutter is affecting the chi flow or energy flow in your office or creating stagnant or stuck energy.  I use an EMF meter to make sure your staff is not exposed to high levels of electromagnetic frequencies where they spend time on their computers.  For prosperity fountain placement I use master water formulas including Water and Mountain Fan Gua, Castle Gate and He Tu Castle Gate.

I offer consultations Monday through Saturday during business hours.  I accept credit card and e-check payments through Paypal.com, personal checks, cash and money orders.

Contact Robyn Bentley for availability and pricing.

Corporate Group Presentations
Corporate office presentations are a great way to motivate your staff and raise morale.  Depending on the length of the presentation, the staff will be advised on how to apply the principles of feng shui to their individual work spaces, the best position for their desks, telephones and computers, and tips for their home including how to position  their bed in the most beneficial way for them. Employees bring their "energy" to work with them which contributes to the atmosphere of the office and has an effect on the success of the company. A balanced home environment coupled with a balanced work environment makes it easier to accomplish work goals and life goals.  An unbalanced employee will not reach their potential and this affects the company's potential for success. A  negative work environment will also affect a company's success by hindering an employee's ability to perform their best. 
Contact Robyn Bentley for availability and pricing.

Methods of Payment 
For on-site consultations and group presentations I accept credit card and e-check payments through Paypal.com, business checks, cash and money orders.

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