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Infertility, Miscarriage and Feng Shui

The buildings we live in can have both positive and negative influences on us.  These influences come from patterns of  energy that form when a building is constructed.  Classical feng shui calls these energy patterns “flying stars” and they can influence fertility and miscarriage.

Couples can have a difficult time conceiving if their home has a flying star combination 8 mountain star and 4 water star or 8 mountain star and 3 water star in the master bedroom or center of the home.  You can look up the flying star energy patterns of your home in Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home.

Couples living in a home that is currently in a 20 year  “People Lock” phase can also have a difficult time conceiving.  There are feng shui remedies for this lock.  To see if your home is people locked, you need to know the year your home was built and the compass direction it faces. The following homes are people locked from 2004 until 2024:

Year of
1984-2004 Southeast
1964-1984 East
1944-1964 Southwest
1924-1944 North
1904-1924 South
1884-1904 Northeast
1864-1884 West
1844-1864 Northwest

A woman sleeping in a bedroom with a 2 flying star or living in a home with a 2 star at the entry door can have problems with bleeding and miscarriage.  This includes the 2 annual flying star which resides in the Southwest of all buildings in 2013, the East in 2014, and Southeast in 2015.  You can find out where you have a 2 star in your home in Creating A Haven: Simple Steps For A Healthy And Nurturing Home.

Exposure to high levels of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) can also contribute to miscarriage.  EMFs surround the electrical things in your home and office like TVS, computers, and power strips. You can reduce your exposure to EMFs by keeping your body at least one foot away from your TV, computer tower, and power strips.  Don’t use your laptop directly on your lap, place it on a table.

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