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Feng Shui Diva's Love Quiz !
How's Your Love Life? If it's not so hot, maybe it's your bedroom, not you. Take Feng Shui Diva's Love Quiz. 
If you answer "yes" to one or more of these 
questions, your love life is probably not as good as it could be. 

  Do you keep old love letters, cards or gifts from past relationships that didn't work out?  If so, you are anchoring yourself to the past and making it harder to move on to a new, better love.   If a relationship didn't work out and you won't let go of it, you might as well have a rope tied from yourself to your old love.  It's hard for the love train to run at full speed when it's loaded down with all that old baggage. 
SOLUTION:  Get rid of the old to make room for a new love to come to you.  If you find it hard to let go of your old stuff, invite your best friend over to help you have a purge party.

  Are you in a relationship but still keep mementos from past relationships?
If you are not 100% committed to your present relationship, it won't be as good as it can be.  Especially if your partner is not comfortable about you having things from your old relationship. 
SOLUTION:  Keep your fond memories of an old love but toss the mementos if you want a great relationship right now. 

  Are you sleeping on the same mattress you slept on with your EX?
A mattress holds the energy of the people who sleep on it - so they are still "energetically" there with you. 
SOLUTION: For a fresh start (especially after a divorce) and a new relationship, get a fresh bed. Or a least new sheets.  Make the bedroom look different so you won't be reminded of someone who used to be there with you.

  Do you have a computer or exercise equipment in your bedroom?
Adult bedrooms are for three things: Rest, Relaxation and Romance - NOT work or exercise. 
SOLUTION: If it doesn't have anything to do with the three R's, it needs to go elsewhere. 

  Do you have a TV in your Bedroom?
Couples who have TVs in their bedroom make love 50% LESS than couples who don't have TVs in their bedroom.  It is very common to hear about a baby boom nine months after an electrical blackout in a major city.  Also, when couples have their attention on something other than each other, they tend to communicate less.
SOLUTION:  Move the boob tube to another room. 

  Do you have a decorative water fountain in your bedroom? 
Water fountains sound soothing and relaxing, but they create "yang" energy and bedrooms should be "yin" or quiet.
SOLUTION: Turn it off for bedtime or put it in another room in the house. 

  Do you have a mirror in your bedroom?
Mirrors bounce energy and keep the room more "yang" -- not very relaxing for making love. 
SOLUTION: Remove the mirror or cover it before you get under the covers.

  Do you have religious icons in your bedroom?
Whatever your religion or spirituality -- can you be passionate in your birthday suit if you can see, for example, Jesus, Mary, Mother Theresa or Buddha over your shoulder?  Some people have angels in their bedroom because they are comforting.  Angels are asexual.  Are you? 
SOLUTION:  Pick another room in the home to affirm your spiritual beliefs. 

  Do you have photos of your family and friends in your bedroom?
We love our family and we have the whole house to display their photos - but keep them out of your love nest.

  Do you have stuffed animals on your bed?  If you want a serious adult relationship, don't make your bed look like a 10-year-old's bed.  SOLUTION:  Keep Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear out of the bedroom

  Are you sleeping in your LOVE direction?
Sleeping with the crown of your head pointed towards your "Nien Yen" or love direction can help draw a new love to you or improve your current relationship.  Get Your Love Direction Now!

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