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Period 8 "People Locked" Homes    

If you have been experiencing ongoing health, fertility or relationship problems since 2004, you may be living in a home that became "locked for people" in 2004. Flying star feng shui uses the year a building is constructed and its facing orientation to determine the building’s natal chart. There are 9 different cycles or “periods” of time which last 20 years each. We are currently in Period 8 which began February 4, 2004 and ends Feb 3, 2024.  When Period 8 began in 2004, certain homes that were built before 2004 became "locked for people" and the people who live in them can have fertility problems, health problems and relationship problems.   

A building is divided into eight different compass sections and a middle section.  These sections are called “palaces”. In each palace there is a mountain star on the left (also called sitting star), a water star on the right (also called facing star) and a time star below them.  When the 8 mountain star is in the center palace, it is trapped or imprisoned and the residents can experience ongoing health, fertility and relationship problems.
The natal chart to the right is for a Period 6 home facing E1 (between 67.5 - 82.5 degrees East).  Each one of the 9 periods has one locked for people facing direction. The chart below shows the period construction years and facing orientations of homes that can be people locked during Period 8.

Year of
Period 7
(1984-2004) Southeast
Period 6
(1964-1984) East
Period 5
(1944-1964) Southwest
Period 4
(1924-1944) North
Period 3
(1904-1924) South
Period 2
(1884-1904) Northeast
Period 1
(1864-1884) West
Period 9
(1844-1864) Northwest

The key to unlocking a people lock is water. Homes and offices that are locked for people can be unlocked by placing moving water features like fountains in specific compass sections. 
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