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Feng Shui Success Stories 

Most people who come to me for my feng shui services are either having problems in their life or business or getting ready to build, renovate or move into a new space.  My goal is to come up with practical solutions to correct what is causing the existing problems or analyze a new space, building plan or renovation plan for potential problems so that they can be corrected beforehand.  It gives me great joy when my clients tell me how my solutions helped them solve their problems and made their life better. It's the reason I practice feng shui in the first place -- to help people.  Here are a few comments from clients about how my feng shui solutions worked for them so you can see how feng shui will work for you.

It's hard to keep track of all the wonderful things that have happened to us since you came to the house 10 months ago.  Life was good before you came but since we implemented most of your "cures" in the house, our prosperity and good fortune have increased 1000%!  A month after your visit, Don started a great new job doing what he loves and making lots more money; he also received an $11,000 windfall from an insurance policy that had been cancelled 4 years ago; he actually made a $4000 profit from the sale of his trailer (which is unheard of), I found out 4 months ago that my house in PA has tripled in value since I moved to Virginia (which means if I sold it, the money would pay off that mortgage plus my mortgage here!); the stocks in my portfolio moved UP (after being in the "tank" for 4 years) and I actually made some money!  I sleep better at night . And just a month after moving our bed to a positive sleeping direction, I stopped using my CPAP machine because I don't need it anymore.  After being a smoker for over 30 years, I quit smoking 5 months ago. Now all we need is a feng shui cure for losing weight!!!  So many good things have happened and they're too numerous to be "coincidence". We are grateful for our "charmed" life and have you to thank Robyn! Best of luck to you Robyn and we'll be in touch.  
Pat, Chesterfield, VA


Within a year of our marriage we were lawyer-bound. 
Being 40 something I am pretty set in my ways and being married at 40 something is difficult all by itself. My husband and I were having adjustment difficulties.  We hoped that your feng shui consultation would help us get along better. We were constantly arguing.  We also had no social life and no one stopped in for visits. It was a gloomy, dark atmosphere.  The solutions you recommended basically meant that we had to rearrange the house. It's a commitment not to take lightly but then marriage is too. The day after we moved the bed I immediately noticed a change in the energy. The fighting decreased. Right after we moved the sofa a friend stopped in for an impromptu visit. The next week we got invited to a party, finally.  We love the way the house is now. It "feels" good.  Nita, Richmond VA

We sat down and looked at all the "bad luck" events
that had been happening in the last 8 years and we realized that too many things were going wrong and it did not feel like "coincidences".   My business went bankrupt, my health was getting worse and my husband's business was beginning to fail.  You gave us several practical solutions to make corrections and they worked.  For instance, we moved the bed, got the sheets you suggested, and enclosed the headboard. For the first time in 8 years I woke up without an alarm clock. My health is continuing to get better.  My husband's empty properties all rented within 8 days and have stayed this way since. I had to share the profound effect that the changes had on me and my husband. We will certainly call you before we buy our next home.   Fran, Richmond VA 

Last year my sons were making mostly C's
  with a couple of
D's and one F on their report cards.  I was  extremely frustrated, as were they. Since you "feng shui'd" their room for wisdom over the summer, it had slipped my mind .... until their interim report cards arrived! The first half of this semester son number one got all B's and one A, son number two got all A's and one B! These are the same two that struggled all of last year. I just want to say thank you! thank you! thank you! 
Rita, Midlothian, VA 

I was having health problems and money things were going
wrong.  The money situation was extremely tight, and my health was not responding to treatment. We stopped using the door you said had bad energy.  My health began to improve.  My clients began to increase and more work came in for my husband. The bed was moved as you suggested.  My husband is sleeping better now and awakens feeling better.  I'm more relaxed sleeping in this position.  Before we make our next move, we expect to contact you first.  Terri, Richmond VA 

Your advice made moving in simple.   It was a big help knowing in advance where to place all the major pieces of furniture and which rooms would serve best as bedroom, office and living area.  Interestingly enough, by a near miracle I got to talk to the prior tenants and heard many things to watch out for in the townhouse. Most surprising was that the area of the living room you suggested NOT be used as a seating area because of negative energy, turned out to be very unpopular with the people before me. They said they had seating in that area of the living room, but nobody wanted to sit there; they'd crowd together on the sofa in the area you said had good energy rather than be in the other corner of the room.  Bob Keaton, LivingSuccessfully.com 

Starting a new business is an exciting and at times
overwhelming experience. Receiving your professional advice helped make my transition much easier. Having laid the foundation of proper feng shui has made moving in fun. I also want to thank you for all the work you have done for me. When you first came to me years ago I had just gone through a divorce and was looking to start a new beginning in life. I wanted to create a new environment for myself and my daughter that reflected a new beginning. Your detailed feng shui consultation of my 27 room house really turned an old space filled with negative experiences into a new and wonderful space full of hope and life. I remember people commenting on how warm and safe my space always felt. This became so important to me as I began doing massage and bodywork from my home.  I have no doubt that the work you have done in my new business space will help me attract many clients and maintain them through the warmth and safety my new space will provide. You are a gifted practitioner and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you continued success.  Bill, Philadelphia PA

I had trouble deciding between love and money
after you gave me my best compass directions for sleeping. So I guess fate had a choice. I went with money only because it was the easiest to move my bed there. About 3 weeks after I changed the direction of my bed, things started happening. I won a pair of jeans, got unexpected checks in the mail(refunds) and other things. I even won a drawing at work!!! Best of all, WITHOUT LOOKING, I just landed a new job with a healthy increase in pay. Thank you so much."  
 Jill, Richmond, VA

I needed to clean up my apartment and get some good energy flowing.  
Thank god for the Diva! First I had to get the "losers" out of my bedroom, (my lovely 1999 Cubs photos) then move my aquarium to the right spot. I don't want to sound like a freak and say "as my relationship area cleaned up,my social calendar filled up" - but its true! I've been moving stuff around, making small changes and feeling great energy throughout my home.  I'm glad I could count on Robyn to explain feng shui so my brain could understand it. She's great."  
Dominica, Atlanta GA

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